Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Apology

My dear reader,
I know how much you count on my continued writing. I know that I have let you down horribly. Whether it was the soft allure of the sofa, or the frosty margaritas waiting to be consumed, the fact remains that I failed to post last night. While I cannot change the past, I can do my best to ensure a bright future together with this, my most treasured margarita recipe.

Morning After Margaritas

6 oz tequila
6 oz Corona
6 oz frozen limeade

Place all 3 ingredients in blender. Fill blender with ice and blend until smooth.
Serves 4 humans or 1 booze hound.


beaufount said...

this is now MY most treasured recipe. thank you sooo much. all is forgiven and now i can truly see how much in common you have with all your fans - this is why you are so popular!! - you really reach out and touch people's hearts!
now on another note, as a drinker, this recipe is an ACT OF MERCY!!! THANK YOU!!!

beaufount said...

dear miss - do you have any beverage (alcoholic) recipes for Red Bull? it helps clean the house faster.
thank you.
speeding in Spokane.

eviedee said...
These folks seem to have some tasty ideas! Good luck! Please let us know of your speedy adventures! You will soon need racing stripes for your apron!

beaufount said...

where have you gone? My diet consists of only what you last post, due to the fact that I am OCD - so I am still drinking the margaritas, but need food. Do you have any solid food recipes handy?

beaufount said...

Dear Ms. Eviedee - thank you so much for the redbull site - I love the tequila/redbull recipe. I knew what would happen & it did - between the tequila wildness & redbull speed - I ended up at the WORLD CUP!!! I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I GOT HERE, but I am having a wonderful time!!! thank you again soo much!