Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cheap Cheap!

Trying to find a way to cram MORE plants into a crowded apartment? Why not give this a try? Take a ledge meant to hold pictures, and fill it with potted plants instead. You may have to do some creative thinking when shopping for a suitable container. These cups were meant to hold pencils. Look for containers that are lightweight and small enough to fit comfortably on your ledge. The total cost for this project (including plants) was only $10!
(The only problem with this lovely little arrangement is that my flowers don't seem to enjoy living in pencil cups. Perhaps the flowers feel absurd or harbor an intense hatred of Devo. Despite my tender loving care most plants tend to off themselves after about a month of living atop my stove. Actually, it's likely that they can't stand the heat, as the flowers tend to last longer in the winter months. If anyone tackles this project please, let me know how the flowers fare above a bed or in a living room. This picture was taken a month ago so off I go to the Home Depot! Hmmm, lets see what kind of fabulous succulents I can find!)

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