Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Earlier this week my anonymous apron swap partner let me know that a "kick ass" apron is on it's way to me RIGHT NOW! Now every time I hear a large truck rumbling it's way up the street I HAVE TO LOOK just in case that truck is bringing some apron goodness my way. (Yes I am a total dork, also I have been at home and sick so there has been little in the way of "a life" to distract me from the waiting.)
Fortunately for me, (and fortunate for the poor garbage man) a surprise from The Merry Baker recently made it's way to my doorstep. Behold dear readers, the coming of the Eggling! This is not what MY eggling looks like, this is a promotional picture from the eggling website. Someday my wee egg will be sprouting plenty of garnish just like this one.

Speaking of The Merry Baker, (oh look a Danzition) if you are looking for a super new way to serve cranberries you should check this out. It IS the night before Thanksgiving so I imagine that you are all totally prepared but perhaps you can keep it in mind for your next holiday bird. This recipe was posted to my comments by the Merry Baker so I am certain that it is fabulous! Also please check out Rocket Fever soon for Thanksgiving food porn galore! Have a wonderful holiday!

If you like the drawing posted above more can be found at


Jennifer said...

Happy T-day! I can't wait to see your apron!

Anonymous said...

Hey Eeps - Happy Turkey Day

Check out the above apron spot - thought you might dig it

eviedee said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving cheer, and the link!

MaryAnn said...

HOORAY! I'm so glad your apron arrived! I hope you love, love, love everything!

Anonymous said...

Bad Kitty!