Friday, January 12, 2007

The Lemon Lives!

Welcome dearest reader you have arrived on a MOST delightful day, the return of the hot dish! I am embarrassed to admit that the reason I have not posted recipes this month is that I have been avoiding the dreary task of cleaning my oven. Our Christmas festivities included some delicious but explosive little grease bombs, bacon wrapped dates. My poor oven has been FUMING ever since they met. Smoke may add delicious flavor to meats but it is not a pleasant addition to house favorites like The Seattle Pancake. Please, join us in celebration by enjoying your own Seattle Pancake.


Jane said...

Oh dear! I have a handy, way to Bounce back after oven disasters. Use a dryer sheet with a little water. Let it sit on the grossness, your mess will turn soft and scrape right off with a spatula. Works for burnt on stuff in caserole dishes too.

Gramps Don said...

Hi Evie, do you post in flickr too?

Craig said...

I'm going to see that bunny in my nightmares tonight.

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

oh i got mixed up. i posted my comment on the seattle pancake section. anyway, good luck with the stove. a housekeeper works well, too.