Friday, February 23, 2007

Hey There Cupcake!

After a day filled with anxiety and disappointment it was SO amazing to come home to this.

My darling husband spent his very last jobless day driving me to work and waiting in line to buy me cupcakes. Not just ANY cupcakes, the one and only SPRINKLES cupcakes. Many cupcakes many will draw you in with sugary sweet looks only to disappoint you with a dry stale crumb and greasy frosting. Not so with Sprinkles, these cupcakes always taste as lovely as they look. Here's a six pack that will help you forget all your troubles!

(You only have to wait in line A WHOLE HOUR to get them!)


Jennifer said...

Lucky girl!

Jane said...

Now that's love! I totally agree with you about the disapointment of most cupcakes. Must try Sprinkles!

carrotz said...

It warms the heart of a Mom when her son treats the best girl in the world extra special. as she sooo deserves!