Friday, March 09, 2007

A Carrot

Here's a handy "Hubby Helper" he can't miss! If you can't be at home, make your presence known. Put an end to mealtime confusion with a helpful sign.


Jane said...

See, here's the thing, if I showed this to my dh, he would be posting signs to all the vegetables in our house...for me. Maybe not so much fun the other way around.

eviedee said...

Oops, that's not how I meant it at all! My husband and I work opposite schedules so if I make food it's best that I leave a note. I AM guilty of encouraging him to eat veggies by making healthy things he would enjoy eating like hummus and carrots. Hmmm maybe I am not being as tricky as I thought, maybe he knows EXACTLY what I am trying to do. ;)