Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Project Runaway

For someone who takes great pride in being creative with my surroundings I am surprisingly content to live in a rental. For years I longed to become a homeowner.........until the day I signed the papers to an albatross of my own. Saturday morning as a homeowner meant one thing, a trip to the hardware store. As I walked the aisles desperately searching for the obscure nail or wire required I felt utterly overwhelmed by a very distinct smell. The odor of obligation. The stinging stench of encumbrance. Now that I have returned to the ranks of renters, the smell of paint does not bring telltale tinge of tedium to the air. Rather than endless walls that require painting, the presence of stain and sawdust now bring to mind simple and satisfying projects like this.
A $15 thrifted table goes glam with a coat of orange paint.
Have you ever priced chalkboards? I had decided that was one bit of kitchen decor I would have to live without until hubby and I came up with this solution, a piece of paneling coated with chalkboard paint. The frame and tray are decorative mouldings applied with glue.

Now it's your turn to share! What projects are you working on?

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kickpleat said...

oooh, i love your orange table! and your teal chalkboard! what colour is that teal, btw...i'm looking for a nice paint colour for my dresser!