Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pumpkins are so much fun

I usually buy my pumpkins at the grocery store. Not my usual grocery store, the one waaay down the road that has shockingly cheap packets of lunch meat stacked in the non refrigerated aisles. This is the store that I am now fortunate enough to only frequent during pumpkin season.
This year, thanks to a suggestion by the Felt Mouse, my pumpkin buying experience was surprisingly stank and toxin free, you might even call it "magical". When pondering the perfect way end an evening of barbecue and booze last Friday, Jen uttered two simple words that filled our men's hearts with loathing and sent mine racing with desire. Pumpkin Patch.

Here is Jen looking wickedly cute as some kind of hybrid scarecrow/crafter. All pictures posted here are courtesy of The Felt Mouse family. Thanks Jen!

Hey kids! Tokinghost says "Trick or huh? What?" "Dude your face looks like a pumpkin!" "Oh wait that is a pumpkin"
We wandered around admiring the painted displays.

Until I found, "the one".

Well, the pumpkin may have been perfect but the price was not. We settled for an equally charming but less expensive option. (I'm sorry pumpkin, my love was so true!) Happy Hunting to all of you in blogland, may your displays be kitchy and your pumpkins plump as the full moon.


Jennifer said...

A girl and her touching.

Mrs. G. said...

I followed you over from Very Mary and I love your blog. I'm so glad you passed on the unrefrigerated lunch meat. Nice pumpkin.

KikiTime said...

Love your Blog!!