Friday, November 16, 2007

It's a Vicious Cycle

Stay up all night crafting.

Fortify your brain with a midday espresso to keep your head separated from your desk.

Stay up all night crafting.

A few months ago (heck it was probably a year ago) my good friend Mary asked me what I thought about "The Ghetto Latte". Apparently, there are folks who will go into their local espresso shop, request an iced espresso then add complimentary sweetener and milk, creating a full blown iced latte for the tiny cost of an espresso shot. I worked for many years as a barista but had never thought to employ this method myself. When adulthood arrived with a certain intolerance for all things dairy my love of lattes wavered. No matter how sweetly I asked, no matter how much I tipped, I could never, ever get anyone to make my drink with as little milk as I'd like. (Don't even put any in, just SHOW it the milk.) So now, I am the living life the ghetto latte way and loving it. For once I am not being guided by the cheap-o in me but the control freak. What do you think? Am I being terribly tacky or perfectly prudent? I am just relieved that I no longer have to inflict my complicated drink order on those poor abused baristas. I know the pain of the dry cappuccino, the small blended drink with six shots of espresso, I am happy to keep my drink drama to myself.

Micah, enjoying a professionally produced latte.


ley said...

Haha- I totally understand. I was a barista for a while, too, and while it's always a little off-putting to find someone making their own drinks (like "what- mine aren't good enough??"), it's really nice, too, to not be burdened with crazy-ass orders. Besides, I understand the control freak thing. Especially after working as a barista, where you become accustomed to having your drink the PERFECT way YOU make it!

eviedee said...

Thanks for the vote of support Ley! :)

bicycle said...

i remember we met working with coffee and those six shot blended drinks!