Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Christmas (Party) Story

The scene opens on a crowded bowling alley. A girl approaches her lane, cheeks reddened from well drinks, eyes narrowed with concentration. She throws the ball down the lane, it immediately veers to the left as she is incapable of keeping her hips and shoulders still. Those hips swing out with each toss as she tries again and again to pummel the pins with the willing weight of her ball. Finally, after 8 frames and lots of instruction she manages to knock over a few pins. She leaps towards her opponents, giddy with her small victory

and falls straight to the ground.

That's the story of why I have been burdened with crutches these past 2 weeks. I wish that it had happened in a more impressive way (like, why couldn't I have done it in FIGHT CLASS?!) but at least I only sprained my ankle.
Despite my injury (and with A LOT of help!) hubby and I threw a very successful version of our annual Santa Conquers the Martians party last Saturday.
Buttons for the swag bags. I am always surprised by how many people choose "nice". Perhaps they think a fat man in a red suit is going to burst in at any moment and hand them their due. CHOOSE WISELY, my friends.

Mmmmm pills as food.

A big thanks to all those friends who helped make our Martian party more merry!


carrotz said...

I have just discovered the joys of WII bowling. I don't look like a dork in public and tripping over my feet landed me on the sofa conveiently placed behind me.I also had the benefit of a 3 year old tutor! Happy to hear you are better.

carrotz said...

After looking at my comment,I now need the 3 yaer old to tutor my spelling. :)

carrotz said...

Maybe my typing,too.

jek-a-go-go said...

i need to start hanging with you! the mister & i throw themed parties and no one bothers to play along. we love Santa Claus Conquers the Martians! Your ideas are fabulous. Have a most splendiferous New Year!

eviedee said...

Can't wait to see you carrotz!

jek-a-go-go we should totally hang out! Theme parties are the best, you can count on me to play along, no matter how zany the theme! ;)