Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Beginning at the End

Yesterday was a great day. My husband (my saintly, incredibly sexy husband) agreed to let me quit my job. The job that I hate, and makes me hate myself a little more with each passing day. (Did I mention how amazingly handsome this man of mine is?) Now when I tell you what I did for a living you will likely scoff. I did, when the person who previously held my position tried to tell me how awful it was.
I was a receptionist. I sat in a comfortable chair, in a perfectly temperature controlled office and ate a free lunch every day. And every day I had to fight the urge to run screaming out the door. (I can be a touch melodramatic at times.) Don't let the title receptionist fool you, I was a living, breathing spam filter. I sent out packets of material that no one wanted to read, (screw you, environment) was lied to, and told lies all day long. "YES Mr. Johnson is STILL in a meeting" (and even if he wasn't he wouldn't want to hear about your incredibly important business opportunity) Lying is an activity I never engage in during the course of my personal life, I despise that it is part of my job. Correction, WAS part of my job.
Yesterday, rather than battling a steady stream of BS I edited a wedding video. I am fortunate to be working with this guy. Mike is incredibly talented, patient, and possibly the most easy going person on the planet. If you have any sort of upcoming video needs and are in southern California I highly recommend contacting him. Well, I had better go to work. I need not change out of my pajamas but I do have to switch to the computer that is 3 feet behind me. I am not sure how long the commute will take, the cats have been rather rowdy this morning and I may be delayed.


bicycle said...

Yay!!! QUIT QUIT QUIT!! I am so glad you get to leave and be done with that job. You DESERVE it and now you can move on to much better things :) When will be your last day? I miss you a lot!!! I'm super tempted to try and get the raw vidoe footage from my wedding from the high school kid we paid to film it and see if you could make something spectacular out of it, because you are just amazing :) He he

Jennifer said...

(seething with jealous rage)

But very very happy for you, my friend.

pmande said...

Absolute joy! And hugs for handsome.