Sunday, February 22, 2009


I love a good theme party. Most of all, I love it when someone takes an obscure theme as far as it will go. My new party hero in this realm is an old friend from high school. We recently reconnected and she is the one who blessed me with an invitation to the Potato Party. Everyone brought a dish celebrating all things potato and the night ended with an impromptu jam session that included a ukulele, a guitar, and a stand up base. While the Potato Rag was a treat for the ears, what kept me happily entertained was filling my mouth with all things potato! Mashed potato bar, McDonalds french fries, gnochhi, tots, and for dessert my contribution of Spudnuts. If you haven't had them before I highly suggest seeking out these light and airy doughnuts whose ingredients include mashed potatoes. I found a fantastic version of the recipe here. The party inspired me to do more than just load up on carbs, it inspired me to paint too. You'll find the results in my new etsy shop, UnicornChow. For the next few weeks I am offering free shipping when you purchase two paintings.  Rock on Spudnuts! 


Carrie said...

Very Cute! I hope Unicorn Chow is doing well! :)

By the way - props on the spudnuts. I was reading that blog entry and it sounds tough! How many 'nuts did you end up with?

eviedee said...

Thanks Carrie!
I doubled the recipe (which was intimidating after reading that description!) and ended up with around four dozen donuts. The whole project took four hours, not including cleanup. I would NEVER attempt this for a morning treat but was perfect to take to an evening party.