Saturday, May 16, 2009

Corn Party!

Natalie Dee

Clearly I am blogging too infrequently. Here we are at another theme party and scarcely a post has passed between them. The corn party is this weekend. I decided to make Caramel Corn, for the most part because TWO servings of corn would be involved, syrup and kernels. Part of the build up to the celebration is thinking of the corniest Facebook updates possible. Since I am awfully fond of writing lyrics, I did more than was necessary. Can you name all of the bands?

I'm bringing corny back. Them mother shuckers don't know how to act. Let me make up for the maize you lack. Yeah!

Alllll I can say is that my life's a corny grain. I like watching the kernels gather maiize. And aaalll I can do is just pour some ghee for two and peek a bushel view but it's not grain. (It's not grain)

We'll make corn like a pair of black kernels! You free me from the cob You shucked the kernels out of me. Oh well, those ugly days, they made us so sick. We are just kernels now, we've learned the salt and butter trick.

The corn it sleeps alone tonight after, the cobs turn out their lights. And send the kernels swerving into the corniest evening. And I am finally seeing that I was the one worth shucking.

Well this is a corny all about chow my life got flipped turned upside down I'd like to take some butter and salt right there, I'll tell you how I became the corn of popped air.

We are the corn we are the niblets. We are the ones to make a buttery day so lets all dig in. There's a EAR we're shucking We're cobbing all our liiiiives. It's true corn will make a buttery stain falling on your tee.

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Jessie said...

Dude, you are SO CREATIVE. That made me laugh so hard!