Sunday, July 30, 2006

I Declare!

Hello, my name is Eviedee and I am a Thriftaholic.
It all began when I was 14 years old. I found that I could afford to buy (and therefore wear) whatever I wanted with my weekly allowance. Then, I began shopping in the home furnishing section, where items that I at first purchased for kitsch factor soon defined my taste. At the height of my obsession I started buying things simply because they were useless. When I brought home a dolls head and scribbled "Welcome to the Dollhouse" across it's face my roommates suggested that I might have a problem.
When I got married 7 years ago my husband helped to cure me of my addiction. Slowly my need to thrift tapered off to the point where I hardly ever thought about it. Well folks, I have fallen off the wagon, BIG TIME! Here is the photographic evidence to prove it. Rest assured these are a but small portion of my recent scores. This chair was only $7 and it spins!!

I bought this container to store homemade pickles.

I love this picture. I actually bought it from a lady standing outside the thrift store. I know she probably thought I was nutty to have paid her $2 for it, because it looked like garbage. But add a $2 thrifted frame, a mat and a bit of pink ribbon and it looks quite presentable. The mister suggested that we hang it over the back of the toilet. We've got class coming out of...... well you know where.


nemo434 said...

Excellent thrift store mystery photo and you've 'classed' it up nicely as well! I would never hang it anywhere near the toilet, however. They all look far too disapproving for me to be going about my business in front of them. :(

eviedee said...

:) Thanks nemo434! The ladies have a bit of a smirk, but the gentleman in the photo is looking away as if he is COMPLETLEY DISGUSTED by whatever it is you are doing. I'm certain that all my guy friends hate it!