Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ideas Please.

Long, long ago I decided that I needed a coffee table. Truth be told, the mister and I eat most meals while watching television (so bad, I know!) and we needed a place to lay our plates. I had decided that I absolutely would not pay more than $30 for a piece of furniture that we would likely spill food on. After searching all the usual stores and a failed attempt at table construction, I had totally given up. Then, one day as I wandered through IKEA, I came across this coffee table. The price was right and the glass surface was perfect, easy to clean and durable. We were very happy with our table until we came across it in no less than 3 of our friends homes. Apparently, the price was right for everyone! So, the mister came up with the fantastic idea of etching a design into the glass. Terrific idea, but we are having trouble coming up with a specific design. Any design suggestions or places to look for ideas would be greatly appreciated. Until then, we will have to be different, just like everyone else.


Anonymous said...

Ah, long ago were the days of glass fruit and random dollhouses for Eviedee - or - so, I thought. Welcome back to the land of the thriftaholics. Now, let's all have a moment of silence for American Way.

beaufount said...

you could etch following the frame design. or try etching & see what's easiest.