Tuesday, July 18, 2006

99 Cent Score!

There was a time in my life where the 99 cent store was a wonderland of opportunity. Here was a place where I could shop to my hearts content, guilt free! Now I have moved up in the world a bit, shopping at the 99 cent store is no longer a requirement. I was recently inspired by the creativity of these folks and decided to give the 99 cents store another try.
After repeated encounters with my soapy hands launching them towards the bottom of the sink, my drinking glass collection had dwindled to a pitiful few. It was time to bring in replacements! I after a day of searching and finding glasses that were either too weighty, too plain, or too delicate I knew where my final stop would be. The 99 cent store where I exited minutes later with this collection of 12 glasses. I was unable to decide between these 3 designs so I bought 4 of each, total cost $6. They are just right, not too heavy in the hand, yet sturdy enough to handle a few encounters with the tile floor. I love seeing their bright and cheerful designs when I open my cupboard each morning.


beaufount said...

the garden! the corn! the store! you are truly a domestic dynamo! I've seen other blogs, which are just, well, blogs and BORING! but this blog is soooo wonderful and inspiring - thank you soo much!
Saved by the Blog

yasodic said...

I can't wait to partake of whatever lovely beverage might be lurking in these spectacular glasses when I next visit. I'm sure whatever it might be will come shooting out my nose, as I laugh in embarrassment at my less than stellar dr. mario skills.

eviedee said...

Thanks for the lovely words!!
Yasodic, I'll have to make you something soothing to the nasal passages...hazelnut milkshake perhaps?

yasodic said...

oooOOooo hazelnut milkshake!!!! i believe a yeeehaw is in order.