Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dance Dance Revolution!

An entire Sunday to myself is a treat I rarely indulge in. Today turned out to be one of those rare fruits and I savored every bit of it! The majority of my day was spent working in my garden.
I was absurdly excited by the appearance of my first jalepeno. Between that and the various contortions involved in escaping the wasps, ants, and spiders I am sure I made quite a spectacle! I can only hope that all of my neighbors were out elsewhere enjoying the glorious sunny day.


kate said...

OMG I totally get excited over every new blossom and fruit too. I spend so much time staring at them that I actually know which spiders live in which plants and where they spin their webs. Of course, E thinks I'm nuts. But I'm not entirely sure it's due to me spending an extraordinary amount of time staring at wee limes. :-)

kate said...

OH! Splendid garden! I forgot to mention.