Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh Disaster!

Usually I am not one to complain. (At least not here to you folks!) I try here at Hot Dish to emphasize the hopeful, the earnest, the positive. The food I make may not be perfection but generally the mister and I are quite happy to consume whatever these two hands may craft. Today it seems as if my hands have been possessed by others, for these ten dastardly digits tried to do me in today, I would swear it!
It all began with a can of coconut milk, a chicken breast and this gorgeous bounty from my garden. Do these colorful characters look like accomplices in anarchy?
This morning as I prepared dinner for Micah, tasting the sauce as I decided what ingredients to add, little did I know that there was liquid death lurking there. Coconut milk! Did you know that an open can of coconut milk goes bad within a few days? That, even though it may smell and taste perfectly appetizing it can cause severe illness? Thankfully no one consumed a full serving of this deathly delight. My belly began it's protest long before Micah began his evening meal. I consumed only a small portion but my man likes to lick his plate clean! Thankfully I was able to warn him and my lovingly prepared poison went straight into the garbage.


yasodic said...

You can be sure the CIA was involved in some way. Coconut induced Anarchy anyone? eh? eh?!!

Becky Hud said...

Evie! Your blog is brilliant! Keep fighting the good food fight, and I'll be living vicariously through your cooking adventures until, some happy day, I have some of my own.

Craig said...

You prepare that day's dinner in the morning? Are you real?

I'm usually smearing butter on stale matzo in the morning. And scratching myself.

eviedee said...

Yasodic, you are full of good ideas!
Becky you are SO kind! :)
Craig, my "morning" generally begins at 11am. ;)