Monday, October 30, 2006

Pimping Portland

So it has been about 1.3 billion years since my last post.
Between playing catch up after our Portland trip and feeling generally ill(is lazy a type of virus?) I just haven't made any food worth blogging about. Poor Micah, he has been surviving on take out! You should all send him long letters of sympathy and condolences.
Okey dokey on with the Portland recap!
Food, food, booze, more food, booze, snooze.
A good time was had by all.

I have never visited Portland in the fall. I was totally blown away by how beautiful the city of roses looked under it's crisp blanket of brilliant red and gold. The fall weather was perfect for curling up with books and coffee and admiring the varied views from our hotel rooms. I loved wandering through the fog and trees on one of Portland's many neighborhood bike trails and hearing nothing but the slow drip of water from the leaves. We even took a hike or two and enjoyed the views from the top of the world's second largest monolith (geeky!).
No dinner reservations? No problem! We passed the table wait time at Powells Books and a Vintage Shop.(Both were open till at least 10pm!). The food! Salmon, risotto, tomato soup, cheese, bread, and fruit, everything so fresh and bursting with flavor. We had a lovely time. I purchased a new camera (5X the pixels whoopee!) and I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how to use the
*%^*#ing software.


Anonymous said...

Promises. Promises – where are these supposed pictures of Portland? The pressure is on EvieDee

Kate said...

Oh I'm dying to go! We are planning a train trip there soon.