Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Portal to FUN!

Tomorrow Micah and I are off to Portland for fabulous food and scenery. We plan to stay a night at the Columbia River Gorge Hotel, and visit a McMenamins for movies and beer milkshakes. We will have do a bit of hiking to work of all the wonderful calories we are bound to consume.
If you have any suggestions for things that we should see or eat (or things that we should see AND eat) please let me know! Life is sweet.


Jennifer said...

I am sooo super-jealous that you are going to Portland! I definitely need to plan a trip soon - it just seems like a craft/food/sightseeing smorgasbord.

A lot of bloggers commented on this post by Posie Gets Cozy recommending good things to see and do in Portland:

(I split up the link so it wouldn't get cut off)

eviedee said...

Thanks so much for the suggestion! :)

mandi said...

hope you guys have a blast! and don't forget to splurge on those doughnuts!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to hear about your eating adventures in Portland!