Thursday, October 05, 2006

Who's Ready for a Little Christmas Cheer?

You Are!

I am participating in a Holiday Themed Apron Swap and have been asked to answer these questions. Read on...IF YOU DARE!! (It's not really that daring, just trying to put a little Halloween spirit back in the ole blog!)

1. what kind of holiday party food do you like best? finger food buffet or sit down multi-course style?
I would like to have cocktail parties with fabulous individually crafted hot Hors d'Oeurves. (I usually just buy a bunch of cheese and stuff and Trader Joes. )
2. do you make/use those little name cards for your table seating or is that just another little something that magazines are trying to add to our already long holiday to-do list?
My table seats 4 people, I think that we can figure it out without the tags! :)
3. do you miss sitting at the "kid's table"?
Hmmm, I like talking with children now (I find them whimsical and charming) but I never liked sitting at the kids table when I was young. I guess that I like everyone to sit together!
4. any particular holiday party traditions that you like to do every year?
Force all of my friends to come over and watch "Santa Claus Conquers the Space Martians" (MST3K version)
5. Which is your favorite winter holiday?
Xmas (I spell it with the X rather than Christ because I am making it clear that I am celebrating the secular version of Christmas. I am not trying to offend anyone!)
6. do you make or have you tasted any good egg nog recipes...whether using it in a dish or as a drink?
I usually buy eggnog in a carton because though I love it so, I can't stand the thought of drinking egg yolks. It's a bit like only being able to eat meat because I don't have to kill the cow.
7. fruit cake .... do you love it or think it should be used as a door stop?
I would love to try some fruit cake! Never had it.
8. What do you like to do to get yourself in the holiday spirit (ie. certain music, visiting certain seasonal sites, enjoying winter weather, ect.)
Decorating my apartment, preferably with a freshly baked cookie and some egg nog in hand. Wrapping gifts while watching "A Christmas Story".
9. What is your favorite holiday song and who sings it best?
Aimee Mann's "The Christmas Song", her voice is totally awesome but SO wrong for a Christmas song. (I think that may have been her intention.)
10. Any ideas for interesting holiday themed parties? (Even if it's really out there -- like renting a snow machine and having everyone build snowmen if you live in a no-snow areas!)
Um, I don't think that I can top that one, and theme parties are my thing!


Jennifer said...

Wow - your partner will have a fun challenge coming up with new recipes for you. You bake and cook a lot of great things!

eviedee said...

Jennifer, I love trying new (easy) recipes, even for things I already know how to make. Thanks for the sweet words tho! :)

my house is cuter than yours said...

HI! Welcome to the swap! i love MST3K's Santa Claus Conquers the Martians!

"Droppo, you are the laziest man on mars!"