Tuesday, January 02, 2007


This is going to seem SO out of date, but here are my crafts for christmas! I finally delivered the very last handmade gift and now I can share these photos with the world. (That's you! You must be SO excited!) Teacup candles, simple to complete but difficult to master. I'd like to think that the flaws in each one just made them unique. 10 pounds is A LOT of wax so I am sure to perfect my tecnique as I craft my way through this year. ( Hey friends, guess what you will be receiving for Valentine's Day? And Easter, and Forth of July, and Arbor Day.....)
I can't stop making aprons! Here is the evidence.

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy New Years Eve. I haven't been away from home on the night of 1000 drunks in YEARS. The Flaming Lips and the company of good friends were enough to make New Years revelers out of Hubby and I this year. Thanks, friends!


Jennifer said...

What incredible gifts!

The Flaming Lips? We were totally stumped for something to do NYE - that would have been fun...

Kate said...


Those are lovely! I just read about teacup candles on the Stitch N' Bitch message board and was thinking of making them. After seeing yours I'm truly inspired.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely apron - the person who received that crafty creation most likely wore it this past weekend while making delish macaroons for all to admire and enjoy. Thanks again Eeps!

Jane said...


More about the Flaming Lips please. Where did/do they play? We enjoy going to Ronnie Macs Barn Dance at El Cid and we sometimes go to the Hotel Cafe. Our fav LA band is I See Hawks In LA. They used to play downtown at this old hole french dip sandwich place/bar in the wall- I'm blanking on the name. But now they are on tour. We also love 50 Cent Haircut. They played Friday nights last summer at the Farmers Market at the Grove. Anyway, now that we might be buying into a co-op apartment we are trying to cut back on going out, still it's always nice to see what others in LA are finding to do.

eviedee said...

Jennifer-I can't believe that you were stumped! You always have the best ideas!

Kate-You should absolutely try the teacup candles they're a cinch!

Merry Baker-I am so happy to hear that my apron is enjoying such fine company as those macaroons.

Jane-The Flaming Lips were at the Galen Center. They seem to play locally a few times per year, their live show is awesome! Thanks for ALL the super band suggestions! You rock!