Friday, January 05, 2007

All You Need is Love!

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Love and a 16oz steak! Lookout Vegas, here come the Muzios! The highlight of our trip will likely be viewing the Cirque Du Soleil show "Love". Friends, help me think outside the box! What else should we be doing? And more importantly WHAT should we be eating? Our favorite Vegas stop is La Creperie in the Paris Casino. (Actually, we enjoyed the crepes at the casino FAR more than the crepes we consumed while in Paris. I think that this absurdity was likely due to our poor choice in cafes. Have you noticed a relationship between tourist dollars and terrible restaurants? There also appears to be a relationship between vacations and rambling, unfocused blogging.) Rather than (or perhaps in addition to) stuffing crepes down our necks while ogling tourists, this Vegas trip is going to include a meal at an ACTUAL RESTAURANT! A meal that includes waiters AND silverware! Where should this momentous meal occur?


Jennifer said...

Dare I ask when you are going?? We are scheduled to go next weekend (12-15). Here is our highlight:

MaryAnn said...

Well, you can always visit a brothel. I'm sure they have unique postcards to share with future grandchildren! he he

mary mary said...

Okay, enough with the peer pressure - I made a blog

Now, may I play with the other apron making kids?

Jane said...

We love the Naw Orleans style resturant at the top of the Rio. unexpectedly good.