Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pillows and Fabric and Frame Oh My!

The 60 minutes I spend in fight class each week make every minute I spend outside the classroom seem more enjoyable. After an hour of attempting to spar with dudes who are twice my height and body weight even the most meaningless of tasks become moments of pure bliss. "Well I know that I am just sitting here on the couch but man it feels good to not be getting punched in the stomach! Sure, I am just walking down the street BUT NO ONE IS TRYING TO KICK ME IN THE FACE! It's awesome!" This is the same "putting it all into perspective" feeling I got when I felt the thunk of a freshly delivered box against my front door as I opened it this morning. How could I let anything get me down when there was an entire package of swap happiness at my feet?
About a month ago the ever-generous Mary Ann came up with a challenge. Mary Ann would exchange a yard of fabric with a blogger, they would each make something fabulous with the fabric they received and then mail the project back. Now here's the crazy part, Mary Ann agreed to do this for 11 people! Aak! Well of course you would assume that Mary Ann would HAVE to do a terrible job. I mean, 11 projects? In a month? Well friends, I was SO wrong.
These totally awesome would-buy-them-in-a-store-and-pay-scads-of-money-for-them-any-day pillows are the prize sent to me for my measly yard of fabric. The stitching is straight and perfect. The design is flawless, and once again Mary Ann has left me with my jaw on the floor because she is so awesome. She also made an ADORABLE wee pouch lined with felt and a lovely frame that holds the final scrap of fabric.

NOW I understand the catch! At the bottom of this treasure trove was a yard of fabric. After seeing the greatness that flows from the hands of Mary Ann I am to make a project worthy of her? Hmmmmm... I will have to ponder my sewing options VERY carefully.


Gramps Don said...

Sounds like Grandma at Christmas doing quilts for your Mom's ladies.

MaryAnn said...

Good grief E - you make me sound like a sewing goddess! Um, but I'm so not. However, if you are happy with your prizes, I am happy! Hope you love, love, love those pillows! I was sad to see them go!

eviedee said...

Gramps Don-I can't even imagine how busy she must have been! I adore the two quilts that she has given me. Micah's mom pointed out that every time I use it it's like getting a hug from my Grandma-I love it!
Mary Ann-I DO LOVE LOVE LOVE the pillows. In fact, I am planning on changing the color scheme of my living room so that they can be displayed with pride! (Right next to one of my Grandma's quilts) And I don't care what you say, I think that you are awesome. :)

mary mary said...

Ahem...I think a trip to the fabric district will need to be made the next time I am in town.

sew nancy said...

i love the pillows and what sweet ideas for the leftover fabric.
i've been looking for a pillow pattern like that one. i know it's prob. super easy. let me know if you can.

amyelisedesigns said...

Mary Ann is a sewing goddess! What a great fabric challenge finished project! I would chamnge my living room too!