Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Office Beauty

Despite the fact that my workday does not begin until 2pm, I have difficulty arriving on time. I have never developed the nerve to drive and apply makeup so a good portion of my beauty routine must be completed at the office. Unfortunately, I am also expected to work at my job. (Dreadfully unfair isn't it?) Though I may think that the care that is required to maintain my girlish charm qualifies as "work", my boss would not agree. Here are a few ways to discretely sneak pampering time into your workday.

1. Always, always keep a small mirror at your desk. Not only is it handy for applying lip gloss but it will also help prevent embarrassing moments after lunch, when that black bean and spinach salad is working it's magic on your smile.
2. Use downtime to mentally rearrange your wardrobe. Bonus, if you think about this hard enough you'll get that crease between your eyes, an indicator of concentration that makes you look as if you are working!
3. Did your cat fall asleep in the laundry basket again? Slip your hand inside of a shipping packing sleeve to remove unwanted cat hair from your clothing. (This is great for those days where you run out of clean clothing so you just throw on all the black items that you can find in the back of your closet, desperately hoping that dark denim skirt that you wore in the 8th grade will look fabulous with that black bikini top and ebony sweater.)
4. If there is an opportunity to leave the workplace to get coffee for the boss, buy supplies ect., ALWAYS volunteer. Especially if the errand is within walking distance. Not only does that quick stroll count as your exercise for the day, you will also have an opportunity for mobile tanning! It's a good thing you've got that bikini top on!

Now it's your turn! Name your favorite way to cram a little beauty in your day.


Jane said...

Maybe I need to cram a little more beauty into my day! I leave the house between 6:45 and 7. Today I actually had time to do a little extra primping, but during a lesson on communication I got a wake up call. I was trying to get the kids to guess different feelings through body language and I was standing with my hand on my hip tapping my foot. Impatient was the answer I was looking for. "Bad haid day" was the answer I got!

Jennifer said...

Hmmm...I have gotten lazy over the years in the "looking good for work" department. In fact, most days I half expect to see Stacy and Clinton come up to start filming an episode of What Not To Wear. I plan to pop up and state "I've been waiting for you guys!"

stormy said...

Oh how I remember those chaotic days. One morning while rushing out to work I grabbed what I thought was hair spray. After generously spraying my long, thick hair, I discovered the spray was room deodorizer. Of course it was Lysol not floral scent.

elizabeth said...

believe it or not, i usually have a lil more down time, but here are a few of my tips:

1. i second the mirror in the drawer (however, i use a stapler for a mirror).

2. keep a small thing of deodorant in your desk (if you can get a freebie from dove or degree this makes it all the better). i mean seriously, who hasn't had a day where they forgot to put it on??

3. keep hairspray and a brush or comb. i live in some major humidity so i am always hot and always sweating which means my hair is always falling flat. so usually after lunch, i give it a good boost.

4. keep a body spray or something like that in case you forget to put on perfume.

5. a small thing of lotion is great if you forget to put some on and you are wearing a skirt and your legs look all ashy and dry.

6. i've also been known to keep a disposable razor in case i notice a spot that i missed when shaving.

i guess thats it for now. damn! sounds like i keep a whole beauty supply closet at

Vaguely Urban said...

In the morning, the light coming into the offices that face AOTS is perfect for eyebrow plucking. Ask me how I know.

p.s. The whole time I worked with you, I thought you worked your ass off and never noticed you were late. So glad to know you don't mind the RAD errands!