Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why I Should Never Shop Online

Why bother reading and understanding measurements provided by online vendors? I assume that all objects are created in a magical candy land where unicorns ride roller coasters everything is the size I imagine it to be.

Exhibit A: This herb growing tater pot is too tiny to provide enough mint for a single mojito. Why will I keep it? It's just so small and cute!

Exhibit B:

Go ahead and crack wise, my purse is a ridiculous size, yet not large enough to hide my shame.


stormy said...

It is bright and cheerful-can see that you would like it at 1/4 to 1/3 the actual size. Hmm, how about an interesting magazine rack.

Jenn Maruska said...

That purse will hold alot of fruit! (hee hee)

Yeah - I've fallen in love with things I wanted to buy online and then read the measurements and been disappointed.

The little herb growing pot is adorable, though : )

Gramps Don said...

Even funnier than you described when you were here. Send fruit?

wellunderstood said...

i love the purse, especially the angry open-mouthed apples!

Jane said...

Gotta say, I like the purse. Just call it a tote and the size won't seem so big!

jungle dream pagoda said...

You are sooo funny,I actually saw those herb pots in person at urban outfitters and almost bought one,now I'm thinkin' maybe I should go back! ...and I have no fruit salad purse to hide behind.