Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer Lovin'

Summer has (finally) arrived in the Muzio household! I hauled it home from the market in bags bursting nature's abundance. It had been staring at me with it's big baleful eyes and I could no longer resist, whatever my husband may say. This weekend, summer reigned supreme. I consumed it in great dripping mouthfuls over the kitchen sink. It arrived in the form of friends bearing good cheer and drink. It streamed in through the windows wrapping everything in glowing orange and pink.
I fell in love with my grill again. No matter what I threw her way, steak, veggies, even salsa she transformed into something special, worthy of the season. As the long rays of the sun began to heat our home, we escaped to the shaded flowering retreat of the backyard, hauling buckets of beer and chips.
Saturday we will participate in that ultimate emblem of the season, the road trip. We will be driving up to to Vancouver, seeking summer all the way. If you have any suggestions of things to see or eat kindly leave a comment, it would really make my day!


stormy said...

Gee-almost makes you want to have a vegetable garden!!

kickpleat said...

I also fell in love with grilling this week! We just bought one so I've been grilling up corn, pineapple, sausages! Mmmmm. Have a great roadtrip! Make a stop in Portland and if you need anymore tips, let me know!