Monday, July 02, 2007


A really great vacation winds up as an overall feeling of well being and a spectacular blur of random images my head. Rarely do I end a trip with memories specific enough to articulate. People ask, "Where did you go, what did you do?" and all that I can offer them is a blank stare and a smile. I have started to bring a camera along these days so that I have photographic evidence to fit the pieces back together when I return. This blog is also going to help me with that. When asked I can just say, "read my blog, it's all there!" I won't be posting daily, I thought that I could manage that simple task, but look it's day three already!

Day One:
Got in car. Drove twelve hours. Thanked the heavens for XM Radio.

I will post more as my faulty brain and Wi-Fi allow.

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Jennifer said...

Have fun, Mom and Dad! We miss you, but we're doing ok. BTW - who's that weird lady you have coming to look after us?

The Kitties