Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Day Two-The Sickening

Does this sound like A Good Idea to you? First, you wake up ridiculously early (8am) and stumble down to river docks to board a jet boat. You are whisked away to a shack where you eat a very large breakfast. Next you top the whole thing off with a bottle (or two) of champagne. Finally, you hop back into a jet boat which begins to perform maneuvers that you would not think possible in a craft of it's size. You make your way down the river rapidly speeding up and spinning in wild 360 degree turns that send large waves of river water raining down on you. By the second hour of our second day of vacation I was already drunk, nauseous, and stinking, soaking wet. What to do next? Why, eat of course!
It may not seem like A Good Idea in light of the previous excursion but it really, truly was. Perhaps this is the champagne talking but I think that the Rogue Creamery is the best thing that has ever happened to me. (Sorry Sweetheart!) Hubby and I sampled all sorts of cheeses, finally choosing the smoked blue as provisions for the road ahead. Portland was calling to us!
We arrived at the dinner hour, checked into the Kennedy Hotel and headed over to Doug Fir Lounge. I had heard good things and bad so we decided to see for ourselves. The “seeing” wound up being the most satisfying portion of our meal. The ambiance was lovely but Hubby and I were less than impressed with the food. Our dinner choice was not regretful, had we not endured Kashi coated trout we would have missed out on a fantastic musical experience. After dinner we headed down to the bar below the restaurant to check out the Portland Cello Project. I will never again be satisfied with hearing any less than eight cellos play at the same time. The cellists were awesome and perfectly in concert with the audience who were ACTUALLY paying attention to the musical act. I have not seen such an attentive audience in my entire life. The only sound the room besides those coming from the stage was a gentle shake shake from the barkeep. The creativity and enthusiasm radiating from the room are the very things that continuously draw us to Portland, we will certainly be back soon.


Jenn Maruska said...

I've been to the Kennedy - it's great!

Sounds like you had a blast : )

kickpleat said...

ooh, i love portland to death! i do love the look of the doug fir but i only ate onion rings for happy hour once, so i couldn't complain about the food (how can onion rings go wrong?). now i want a full vancouver report!