Wednesday, July 11, 2007

That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

So, that whole live blogging the vacation didn't work out. I've been back since Sunday night and I haven't even posted day four yet. I would have, but that post was "eaten" by Micah's laptop (a.k.a. I lost the data due to total incompetence). So, as usual I will just have to reconstruct those hazy memories with pictures.

I remember something about a cave, and my flashlight not working, and how much I HATE caves. (Well, perhaps it's for the best that you don't have to hear about THAT in greater detail.) Then there was Seattle and the most amazing firework display that I have ever witnessed. (My impression was that it was legal to launch large fireworks from your front lawn. There was a constant "show" happening all along the horizon. Wrong! )

I will never forget my visit to Daiso. There were many hours and dollars spent there. (Even Hubby was entertained!) I actually felt weak and began to grow blind from staring at all the cuteness.
Vancouver was wonderful! First, we ate our way through a two tiered tower of stunningly fresh seafood. After a bit of rest, we were ravenous again. This time we came face to food with the incredibly decadent Poutine served up at Crave. (Very special thanks to Kickpleat for suggesting the place!) After a lovely lunch we wandered through the park and were thankful for the great fortune of being alive on the most beautiful of days and in the most beautiful of places.

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