Thursday, September 06, 2007

Beach Blanket Bingo

This past Saturday Micah and I were honored to co host a swell party with Jen (The Felt Mouse) and her hubby. Jen and BT are the craftiest couple that I know. The day before the party I stopped by to see what was shakin and they were still coming up with amazing ideas and projects.
I was ASTOUNDED to see my hubby step right up and master this bit of machinery. I guess when we become carnies he will finally start pulling his weight in the kitchen. ;)

This photo opportunity sat and the entrance welcoming everyone to the party. I painted the figures and Jen and Brent made it awesome by cutting out the top and adding the lovely banner and fabric.

Everybody Hula!

Jen and her fabulous cakes The Boardwalk
It will be a surprise to no one but myself that my pictures are all food related. (Who's a little piggy? I AM!) I did not take pictures of my favorite features of the night, the great "projector in the sky" that thrilled us all with campy beach movies or the hand built Tiki bar where I had my first flaming drink. I DID get a picture of the candy bar.
No trip to the beach would be complete without a souvenir bag of candy and Jen made certain that our guests had that opportunity fill one up with these darling buckets of sweets. It was a truly wonderful time. Big thanks to all who were able to come and super thanks to Jen and BT for letting us participate.


Mary Ann said...

There are so many reasons why I need to move to California. Here's proof yet again.

pmande said...

What a great party! Will you help me in October with the Center's Luau? A big momma pretty please!

Lotsa love, Mom

Jennifer said...

Such great pics! It WAS the bestest party, wasn't it?