Thursday, September 20, 2007

Falling All Over Again

If you've known me for more than six months it is clear that I count each season as a favorite. I celebrate the change as much as the season itself. Even though temperatures are still warm here in sunny California the calendar says September and I shall honor it. I will accept golden sun rather than leaves and celebrate with homemade soups a plenty!

I was given an enormous bolt of black and white polka dot fabric, so naturally I've added decorative curtains to any nook that will have them. (Apparently preparing my cleaning products for the long cold winter ahead!)

One late August night Hubby and I drove (and drove and drove) down the scenic coast to Malibu where we picked up this golden hued beauty. As the Ditty Bops sang about the moon which shone down (from not so high) overhead and the cool breezes blew, we grew further from summer by the mile.
Now that the table's amber grain is topped with plates of pears I can feel certain that fall has arrived. (No matter WHAT my thermometer may say!) What are you favorite ways to usher Autumn in? Please share, I'd be much obliged!

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Steven A. said...

Is it wrong to envy a person their under-the-sink nook? I want something cool like that instead of my old faux wood grain cupboard doors!