Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Greens that made me Blue

Is there anything worse than making some sort of public declaration and then immediately changing your mind about the whole thing? Well here is an amended announcement, "I plan to eat a reasonable and well balanced diet of my own choosing". The doctor prescribed diet made me feel like hell. I expected the first few days to be a blur of headaches and woe, my mistake was assuming that I would feel better at some point. Even though my body felt starved for calories, I felt no desire for food. Feeling sickened by the thought of eating was a completely foreign experience for me. The single desire I did have was for forbidden food. (If not for the many witnesses I would have devoured my dear friend's birthday cake, candles to cardboard.) My ultimate motivation to ditch the diet was the fact that my muscles weren't healing from the strain of my Krav class. I foolishly attempted to do 60 push ups on Monday, by Friday the pain in my arms was keeping me up at night. I feel much better when I eat my usual way so that's what I plan to do. Let me see, that's two post filled with complaints and no actual food. I owe you guys some serious sustenance.
On the bright side, look at this totally awesome polished stone apple that my grandma gave me. Isn't she the best?

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