Monday, July 28, 2008

TALES. . . . . OF. . . . . GLUTTONY

Did you know that a stove top cast iron skillet is a terrific way to heat leftover pizza when it is too hot to turn on the oven? Crispy crust, melty cheese? Yes please!

Should you choose to tackle the task of making the Greatest Cookies Known to Mankind you should ABSOLUTELY place a portion of the dough in an easily accessible container. Could you resist diving in to a 4 lb chunk of chocolate chip cookie dough for 3 whole days? If so, you are a superior human.

When did Breyers become so craptacular? My ice cream choices are now limited to Ben and Jerry's or homemade

Tune in next week when I forsake my beloved fats for fiber. (OR eat my weight in chocolate chip cookies and sausages, I haven't decided yet.)


kickpleat said...

i agree! someone brought over breyer's vanilla so that we could make some rootbeer floats (yum), but they made the crappiest floats! i swear they used to make a fine float before. so sad.

bicycle said...

from the recipe, those cookies sound delicious!

Anny said...

Wow that pizza idea is genius!

Anonymous said...

Super human or otherwise- were these cookies totally worth a 3 day chill? Maybe the wait plays mind tricks on you... If they're really so great, I'll make some too :) & remember your helpful tip to set some aside for the picking!