Monday, August 25, 2008

Root Beer Pulled Pork

You probably know that a crock pot is a dandy way to cook pulled pork. Did you know that adding root beer to that crock pot lends the meat an intriguing sweetness? I was looking for a combination odd enough to satisfy a friend who has been known to combine ANY food or drink available when at the grill. "Chocolate shrimp anyone? How about a Dr. Pepper burger?"
A google search revealed an appropriately strange concoction, Root Beer Pulled Pork. I simply cooked a few pounds of pork tenderloin on low with a bottle of root beer for 7 hours. When the meat was sufficiently tender I shredded it, and mixed it with BBQ sauce. Since I was feeling very lazy that day I used my favorite bottled sauce. (Oh the SHAME!) To make up for my shortcomings in the sauce department and because I really wanted the root beer flavor to make its presence known I decided to top my sandwiches with Root Beer and Onion Jam. These sandwiches are a sweet, savory, and satisfying way to let your supper scream summer.

Root Beer and Onion Jam
1 sweet yellow onion, peeled and sliced
2 Tablespoons butter
1/4 cup root beer

Cook onions in butter over low heat until soft. Add the root beer and let the onions cook down to one beautifully brown sweet sticky mess.


Anny said...

That sounds good! I was just looking at my crock pot yesterday and wondering what others do with them in summer.

kickpleat said...

sounds awesome! i've made a coca-cola ham before that was delish...but rootbeer pork with rootbeer onion jam? genius!

now i want to hear all about your trip to the 'couv!

mary mary said...

SoySauce, chopped Ginger, Chopped garlic, Brown Sugar and a can of coke. My fave marinade for steak tips - ever!

Maggie said...

The root beer jam sounds delicious!