Friday, October 02, 2009

You know what is a major time suck? Moving! Especially when that move also involves buying a home. Why do I bring this up? I am hoping that this information will help excuse me from not blogging for four months. Are you buying it? No? Well let me just move on to telling you about my new place.

Choosing to live in southern california had doomed me to rent forever. Then the economy tanked and prices here in long beach took a hearty dive. That is when my husband and I found the bank owned 2,000 square foot loft that we are now living in. Imagine a parking garage. Polished concrete floors, rough concrete ceilings, exposed pipe and conduit. Got that visual? Add a couch and coffee table and you are imaging our loft. It's definitely a unique space to call home but I know that with a couple of years and unholy amounts of cash it will be amazing. Thus far it has proven itself to be bike friendly, an awesome roller rink, and a downright delightful party pad.


kickpleat said...

holy amazing!! i don't think i could ever ever ever afford to buy in vancouver as it's crazy expensive. nothing seems to tank here, even real estate. sigh.

The Tofu Lush said...

~Jenna :)

Jessie said...

I look awesome on those roller blades!