Friday, October 13, 2006

Paper Moon

Friends I am happy to report that the problem of the suicidal flowers has been solved! Magic Mona has turned them all into pumpkins.
Halloween is fast approaching and I have been celebrating with my very favorite type of craft project, construction paper cutouts. I love how quickly I can transfer all the crazy ideas in my head into a completed project. If you are not so handy with scissors there are plenty of resources online to help with design ideas. Frankly, that is just too much hassle for me. I am a footloose and fancy free kind of gal. Usually I just grab my scissors and start cutting (remember Edward Scissorhands?). Best of all, construction paper is so cheap, I can buy materials for a slew of fun projects for only 99 cents! Here's Mona Lisa all dressed up for Halloween (she's a little early, I know).

Skelly friends just hang out and are NO help at all!


Anonymous said...

Magic Mona is inspired! Any other Halloween touches you've added to your decor? I'd love to see some pics of anything else you've come up with!

Fiber said...

I'm completely digging the skelly friends.

eviedee said...

Nemo, I want to see what YOU'VE come up with! The plastic pumpkin collection? Awesome.

Fiber, I am completely digging your home made jelly!